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is lying on a plastic-covered bed in the back room of Mohan's tattoo parlor in Queens. 7 train rumbles overhead and tipsy drag queens in perilous heels totter past all-night taco stands. , and a memoir, Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock's Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout – and all the talking and explaining and answering she'll have to do over the next few days. When she e-mailed the story to her father, a West Point graduate, he tersely wrote back to say that her "presentation left much to be desired." They haven't spoken since.Inside, an artist named Kenji bends over Grace's calf with the focus of a surgeon, inking an intricate geometric pattern around both legs. But it's mainly that now, all of a sudden, Grace thinks she might, just might, be able to rekindle her relationship with Heather, someone she thought transitioning had cost her. The day the Rolling Stone article came out, Grace hid, terrified, in Against Me! Her mom and her brother have been supportive, but other family members haven't. These problems weren't all related to transitioning, Grace says, but it seemed inevitable that everything would end up in flux: "Coming out started a lot of change in my life in general." Then, in a hotel room in Georgia, near where Against Me! I would take handfuls and fucking drink vodka every night just hoping I wouldn't wake up."But nothing – not the hormone withdrawal, the rejection from her dad, or even the tree that fell and destroyed Against Me!But since sending an early copy of her memoir to Heather two weeks ago, the lines of communication have been open in a way they haven't been for years."She called me a narcissist, but it's cool," says Grace. Today, her panic has something to do with the stress of being in New York to plug two projects – a new album from her punk band, Against Me!

She wonders if she should break up the band as a way of forcing some sort of change."You realize that kids just want to know you love them," Grace says.

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